Medical Standards for entry into Armed Forces as an Officer

Medical Standards in Armed Forces

Medical Standards in Armed Forces

One of the most prestigious and honourable profession in this world is of the Defence services. Army being the backbone of defence services it requires people with great mental and physical strength. The army people are specially trained to compete everywhere. For this one has to be physically fit.

Before you join one of the academy of  Indian armed forces you have to go through multiple stage assessment. Medical test is the last obstacle in your way to the academy. Presently, the average rejection rate on medical grounds is around 30% . Rejection is due to disability in you, which may be permanent or temporary. Permanent disability are those which are incurable. Here disability refer “NOT FIT ; NOT FIT MEDICALLY ON SCALE OF ARMED FORCES MEDICAL STANDARD”.   Temporary disability are those which are curable in short time & the process and it results in acceptable by armed forces medical board. Some temporary disability are over-weight, under-weight, knock-knee etc.

Aspirants are strongly advised that they ensure their medical fitness to avoid last minute rejection. Below are the desired medical standards expected from an officer of Indian armed forces with video and Color Blindness Check Photos for better understanding of the medical procedures.

Complete Medical Standards

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Check out the Video below to know more about the Medical Standards and Procedures.

For Common Disabilities(Temporary) & Removal Visit this Link

Check out this gallery slide carefully for Color Blindness Test.

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  • GC.Jay

    if someone has undergone hair transplant, would he be rejected on the grounds of medically unfit?

    • vvh